Members of the faculty have published in leading journals such us American Economic Review, Economic Journal, Games & Economic Behavior, PLoS One, Experimental Economics and Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. The latest faculty publications are listed here. (Make the here a link to publications even if it’s on the top)


Weekly seminars and workshops take place throughout term–time and we are privileged in having speakers from leading universities such as LSE, Cambridge, Oxford, Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Munich. See our latest seminars here.

Past events

The Department of Economics at Middlesex University Business School hosted the 3rd Summer Experimental Economics Workshop. The workshop had the support of IFREE Foundation (International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics) founded by Nobel prize winning economist Vernon L Smith. The main purpose of the workshop was to introduce students to economic concepts by participating in experiments. Two workshops were organized on 3rd and 4th of July 2018. The sessions were particularly aimed at Year 12 students studying economics or other related disciplines (e.g. maths, psychology). The workshop was led by Dr. Joris Gillet from the Economics Department. Our faculty has a reputation for research in Experimental and Behavioural Economics and is ranked in the top 10% worldwide in Repec research rankings . For more information about using experiments in economics please contact Dr. Joris Gillet .

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