Economists contribute to all facets of life, from design of policy to working for NGO’s, Banks, Charities, Government departments and many others. Economic skills are in great demand and our goal is to provide our undergraduates with analytical skills to achieve their professional goals. We are a great group of highly qualified economists, with work experience within and outside academia (UCL, World Bank, National Institute of Economics  Social Research and Office for National Statistics). Our research pushes the boundaries of knowledge and produces results that have a real impact on the work of governments, international organizations and industry. Although we are dedicated to our research, we also care about our students and our teaching. We offer a variety of economic modules and a great environment to study, learn and make new friends for life. Our students have easy access to faculty and have clear channels to all staff.

The courses we offer to our undergraduate students have the right balance of theory and practice to help them succeed in a competitive labour market. Starting in 2020 we offer three degrees: a BSc in Economics, a BSc in Business Economics and a BSc in Financial Economics. For post-graduate students we have developed the MSc: Behavioral Economics in Action with strong emphasis on applications to real world problems. We also offer PhD opportunities in the fields of Behavioural, Banking & Finance and Applied Economics.

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