• 10th Oct 2017
    Congratulation to the High achievers in the Economic department

    When returning for a new year, the university awarded the top 3 performers in each course based on their previous performance. Here they are presented with the award by Head of Department Prof. Praveen Kujal


    Second year:




    Third year:



    2017-18 Economics Department High Achievers2




  • 22nd May 2017
    Congratulations to Lara Ezquerra Guerra on succesfully defending your dissertation and becoming Dr. Ezquerra Guerra!

    Congratulations to Lara Ezquerra Guerra who passed her viva last wednesday!

    Her thesis was entitled ‘Essays on Delegation and Social Norms‘, and it was supervised by  Praveen Kujal, Pablo Branas – Garza and Ismael Rodriguez Lara.

    The examiners were Professor Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap  from the Kings College London and Tanya O’Garra.

    Many congratulations to Lara and the very best of luck to her in her future endeavours

  • 1st Mar 2017
    IInd Summer Experimental Economics Workshop for Year 12 students

    We are pleased to invite Year 12 economics students to the IInd Summer Experimental Economics Workshop. The workshop has the support of IFREE Foundation (International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics) founded by Nobel prize winning economist Vernon L Smith.


    The main purpose of the workshop is to introduce students to economic concepts by participating in experiments. The sessions are particularly aimed at students studying economics, but other related disciplines (e.g. maths, psychology) are also welcome. Two workshops will be organized on 4th and 5th of July 2017, between 10am to 1pm.


    To find out more details about who to contact and how to register, please go to:


  • 1st Nov 2016
    London Experimental Workshop 2016

    We are pleased to annouce that the department of economics will be hosting the LEW (London Experimental Workshop) on the 10th and 11th of November 2016.

    This year, the workshop will be focused on behaviour in labor markets and will count with the presence of internationally recognized scholars on the field from LSE, Chapman University or the University of Lausanne.

    Check out the program at

  • 26th Oct 2016
    Award to Prof. Brañas Garza

    Professor Pablo Brañas Garza won the contest to the best experimental project worth $4000 given by the RMIT Europe at the Behavioural Bussiness Lab workshop.