When Where What / Who / Topic
10:30 to 11:30 Quadrangle
(main building)
11:30 to 12:45 CG77 Joe Herbert (Cambridge)
The covert influence of hormones on financial decision making
12:45 to 14:00 Middlesex House Lunch
14:00 to 15:00 CG77 Dave Rand (MIT)
Fake news: Who falls for it and what to do about it
15:00 to 15:30 Mezzanine Coffee Break
15:30 to 17:30 Parallel Sessions
C104  Economic psychology 1
C105  Behavioral decision making 1
C106  Behavioural health economics 1
C107  Financial decision making 1
C109  Trust 1
C110  Consumer behavior 1
C111  Altruism
C114  Labor Economics 1
C115  Cheating 1
CG16  Choice under risk 1
CG76  Policy Makers 1
CG77  Fast Track
18:00 MDX House at Middlesex University BBQ
When Where What / Who / Topic
9:30 to 11:00 Parallel Sessions
C104  Financial decision making 2
C105  Trust 2
C106  Social Norms
C107  Emotions 1
C109  Behavioral decision making 2
C110  Dishonesty 1
C111  Conflict & contests
C114  Behavioral economics 1
C115  Choice under risk 2
CG16  Economic psychology 2
CG76  Labor Economics 2
11:00 to 11:30 Mezzanine Coffee Break
11:30 to 12:45 CG77 Elke Weber (Princeton)
Choice Architecture for Sustainability: Giving the Future a Chance
(Kahneman Lecturer)
12:45 to 14:00 Middlesex House Lunch / Digit Ratio
14: 00 to 15:00 CG77 Colin Camerer (CalTech)
Salience in Game Theory and Economics
(Simon Lecturer)
15:00 to 15:30 Mezzanine Coffee Break
15:30 to 17:30 Parallel Sessions
C104  Consumer finance
C105  Financial decision making 3
C106  Behavioral decision making 3
C107  Asset Markets
C109  Choice under risk 3
C110  Behavioral Finance 1
C111  Social Dilemmas 1
C114  Economic psychology 3
C115  Time Preferences 1
CG16  Lab-field experiments 1
CG76  Policy Makers 2
CG77  JEconPsych
17:30pm Bus stop Q (main door) Bus to the Pier
When Where What / Who / Topic
9:30 to 11:00 Parallel Sessions
C104  Financial decision making 4
C105  Behavioral decision making 4
C106  Coordination
C107  Behavioral Finance 2
C109  Behavioral economics 2
C110  Cheating 2
C111  Cooperative behaviour 1
C114  Consumer behavior 2
C115  Rich and Poor
CG16  Emotions 2
CG76  Behavioral Microeconomics
11:00 to 11:30 Mezzanine Coffee Break
11:30 to 12:45 CG77 SABE GENERAL MEETING
12:45 to 14:00 CG77 / Lunch IAREP GENERAL MEETING
14: 00 to 15:00 CG77 Peter Wakker (Erasmus)
Measuring Ambiguity Attitudes for All (Natural) Events
15:00 to 15:30 Mezzanine Coffee Break
15:30 to 17:30 Parallel Sessions
C104  Cooperative behaviour 2
C105  Incentives & Decision-Making
C106  Lab-field experiments 2
C107  Nudging 1
C109  Practitioners
C110  Education
C111  Behavioral game theory
C114  Fairness
C115  Behavioural health economics 2
CG16  Social Preferences
CG76  Construction of Preferences
CG77  Meet the Editors
18:00 MDX House at Middlesex University Gala dinner
When Where What / Who / Topic
10:00 to 11:30 Parallel Sessions
C104  Digital Payments
C105  Dishonesty 2
C106  Choice under risk 4
C107  Psychology of Money
C109  Labour Economics 3
C110  Nudging 2
C111  Social Dilemmas 2
C114  Political Economy
C115  Food
CG16  Empirical
CG76  Cyber Security
CG77  Decision Making 1
11:30 to 12:00 Mezzanine Coffee Break
12:00 to 13:30 Parallel Sessions
C104  Cultural differences
C105  Behavioural Insights to Postgraduate Degree Choice
C106  Cooperative behaviour 3
C107  Public Goods
C109  Consumer behaviour 3
C110  Time Preferences 2
C114  Behavioural economics 3
C115  Choice under risk 5
CG16  Ethics
CG76  Decision Making 2
CG77  Happiness
13:30 Take away pack lunch

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Title Menu-topic Author-name
Subjective social class promotes prosocial behavior: A dual route model Altruism Hongchuan Zhang
Blood-types and Blood Donation Behaviors: Empirical Tests for Pure Altruism Theory Altruism Shusaku Sasaki
The efficacy of charitable appeals: Tangible impact and Specified Donations Altruism Sabine Topf
Information Exploitation in Decisions with Conflicting Motives Altruism Carl Heese
The Effect of the Reference Point on Savings Decisions Asset markets Cahal Moran
Exploring the Valuation of Simple Structured Deposits Asset markets Doron Sonsino
Overconfidence and Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets Asset markets Ozlem Ozdemir
A New Hedging Hypothesis of Prediction Interval Formation in Stock Price Forecasting Asset markets Qingwei Wang
Turning-on Dimensional Prominence in Decision Making: Experiments and a Model Financial decision making 3 Amnon Maltz
The Effect of Experience on Context-Dependent Decisions Behavioral decision making 1 Eyal Ert
An Experimental Study on Complex Choices: Social Influence and Order Effects Behavioral decision making 1 Natalia Jimenez Jimenez
Two-Stage moral behaviors: evidence from lab experiment Behavioral decision making 1 Xiangdong Qin
Be consistent if you can’t maximize: Consistency in probability processing as a function of decision context and numeracy. Behavioral decision making 2 Kamil Fulawka
The anchoring heuristic: the role of information generated when answering the comparative question Behavioral decision making 2 Pawel Tomczak
Psychological factors explaining the poor’s cognitive functioning. Behavioral decision making 2 Przemyslaw Korotusz
The Effects of Different Cognitive Manipulations on Decision Making Behavioral decision making 3 Cary Deck
Producer and Organizational Decision Making: Is Behavioral Economics Losing Its Way? Behavioral decision making 3 Hugh Schwartz
Judgments of extent in the economics laboratory: Are there brains in choice? Behavioral decision making 3 John Smith
Bank Runs and Regulatory Communication: An Experimental Analysis Behavioral decision making 3 Todd Kaplan
Endogenous attention to costs Behavioral decision making 4 Linda Thunstrom
Foreign language context and the use of heuristics Behavioral decision making 4 Marc-Lluís Vives
Motivated reasoning when assessing the effects of immigration and the buffering role of numeracy Behavioral decision making 4 Therese Lind
Exploiting uncertainty for the greater good Behavioral decision making 1 Anne-Marie Nussberger
A unified approach to the understanding of decision-making under risk: Implications for diversity management Choice under Risk 5 Junsu Park
When accepting is more than just not rejecting: exploring the variable influence of upstream economic actors on different types of consumer decisions Behavioral economics 1 Chad M. Baum
The link between poverty and environmental degradation. An experimental analysis. Behavioral economics 1 Jon Benito Ostolaza
Affirmative Action Policies and Sabotage Behavior in Promotional Tournaments: An Experiment Behavioral economics 1 Martin Kocher
Does Unlocking Home Equity Increase Satisfaction in Older Age? The Relationship Between Reverse Mortgage Borrowing and Domains of Life Satisfaction Behavioral economics 2 Caezilia Loibl
Anonymity and Self-Expression in Online Rating Systems – An experimental analysis Behavioral economics 2 Dirk van Straaten
Revealing the Economic Consequences of Group Cohesion Behavioral economics 2 Fabio Tufano
Brexit Behaviourally: Five lessons from the UK’s 2016 EU referendum Behavioral economics 3 Teresa Fras
Behavior Prediction is Necessary for Behavior Change Behavioral economics 3 Michael Sobolev
Dynamic Information-processing styles in the presence of abundant information: An experimental analysis Behavioral economics 3 Neverov Alexander
Age stages in life cycle and investors risk behavior Behavioral Finance 1 Anna-Carin Nordvall
Status quo effect within PROMETHEE Behavioral Finance 1 Elzbieta Kubinska
A cross-national comparison of debt management competency: South Korea and the United States Behavioral Finance 1 Junsu Park
Psychological Distance and Financial Derivatives’ Endowment Behavioral Finance 1 Naveh Eskinazi
Can the Market Divide and Multiply? A Case of 810 Percent Mispricing Surrounding a Rights Issue Behavioral Finance 2 Dennie van Dolder
Communication and Hidden Action Behavioral Finance 2 Jan Schmitz
Do people minimize regret in strategic situations? A level-k comparison Behavioral game theory Bernardo Garcia Pola
The Psychological Price of Trust Repair Behavioral game theory Erita Narhetali
When “I pay for you, you pay for me” makes sense: A belief-dependent analysis of equality of opportunities in the dictator game Behavioral game theory Giuseppe Attanasi
Common Belief in Rationality in Psychological Games Behavioral game theory Stephan Jagau
Neutrality by Aggregation: An experimental Approach Behavioral Microeconomics King King Li
Statistical forecasts as advice: How well are people able to assess their quality? Behavioral Microeconomics Shari De Baets
Can households with limited resources finance large investments? Repayment behavior of borrowers of an innovative flexible loan product in Tanzania​ Behavioral Microeconomics Friederike Lenel
Does (or does not) the smog influence our health? The effect of framing on perception of disagreement between experts. Behavioural health economics 1 Agata Sobkow
Does talking about your illness pay? Impact of information about the other player’s depression on behavior towards her in the Trust game Behavioural health economics 1 Katarzyna Kulwicka-Durmowicz
Fear and Anxiety in the Evaluation of Temporary Health States Behavioural health economics 1 María Victoria Avilés Blanco
Disparities in Financial Strain and Mental Health Behavioural health economics 1 Sophia Anong
An Investigation of Time Preferences, Life Expectancy, and Annuity versus Lump-Sum Choices: Can Smoking Harm Long-Term Saving Decisions? Behavioural health economics 2 Abigail Hurwitz
Dishonesty in healthcare practice: A behavioral experiment on upcoding in neonatology Behavioural health economics 2 Dr. Heike Hennig-Schmidt
Shortened Lives and Socio-Economic Decision-Making: A behavioural study of Huntington’s Disease Behavioural health economics 2 Michelle Baddeley
Factors Influencing Women’s Decision to Undergo Early Mammography Contrary to Ministry of Health guidelines Behavioural health economics 2 Shosh Shahrabani
Do discriminatory pay regimes unleash antisocial behavior? Cheating 1 Kerstin Grosch
Loss Aversion, Performance and Cheating Cheating 1 Loreta Cannito
Little Lies: Cheating and school performance in primary school children in Congo (RDC). Results from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment Cheating 1 Mario A. Maggioni & Domenico Rossignoli
Factors determining cheating behavior Cheating 1 Markiewicz, Ł.
The effects of feedback on lying: liars will lie, no matter what; honest people will lie after being unjustly accused Cheating 2 Fangtingyu Hu
Sensitivity to incentive structure and loss/gain framing in repeated ethical decision making in the “Cheating at DIe Rolling Task” (DIRT) Cheating 2 Markiewicz, Ł.
Deception: The Role of Uncertain Consequences Cheating 2 Quazi Shahriar
The relative input of perceived risk and gain in risk acceptance Choice under risk 1 Joanna Sokolowska
Need for closure and the structure of stock portfolios Choice under risk 1 Paweł Niszczota
Cognitive biases fuel popularity of lottery strategies Choice under risk 1 Raman Kachurka
Causal Reasoning About the Risk of Catastrophic Events Choice under risk 2 Deirdre A. Robertson
Choice Process under Uncertainty: an eye-tracking analysis Choice under risk 2 Irene Maria Buso
The experience of inequality and the propensity for financial choices carrying the risk of loss Choice under risk 2 Katarzyna Sekścińska
Relative impact of amount and probability of loss on risk perception for multi-outcome investments Choice under risk 3 Aleksandra Muda
Objection-dependent Expected Utility: A theory of framing and decision under risk or uncertainty Choice under risk 3 Louis LEVY-GARBOUA
Coupled Lotteries – A New Method to Analyze Inequality Aversion Choice under risk 3 Melanie Koch
Risk Attitudes, Sample Selection and Attrition in a Longitudinal Field Experiment Choice under risk 3 Morten Lau
The effect of cognitive load on risk-taking behavior Choice under risk 4 Avi Israel
Risk Attitudes and Investment in Training Choice under risk 4 Cosima Obst
Choice architects reveal a bias toward positivity and certainty Choice under risk 4 David Daniels
Balls risk measurement task Choice under risk 5 Alexis V. Belianin
Understanding how risk preferences and social capital affect farmers’ behavior to anticipatory and reactive adaptation options to climate change: the case of vineyard farmers in central Chile Choice under risk 5 Enrique Alvarado, Marcela Ibañez, Bernhard Brümmer
Born this way: fetal exposure to testosterone and conflict behavior Conflict & contests Antonio M Espin
Multi-Dimensional Reasoning in Competitive Resource Allocation Games: Evidence from Intra-Team Communication Conflict & contests Ayala Arad
Does exposure to violence affect reciprocity? Experimental evidence from the West Bank Conflict & contests Daniel John Zizzo
Stability of Preferences and Personality: New Evidence from Multiple Countries Construction of Preferences Edwin Ip
Cheating in Academia: The Relevance of Social Factors Construction of Preferences Alessandro Bucciol
Gender differences in economic socialisation of Norwegian adolescents Construction of Preferences Ellen Katrine Nyhus
The Effect of Being an Only-Child on Preferences Structure and Strategic Behaviours Construction of Preferences ludovica orlandi
Effects of environmental labels differ in time-limited decision-making Consumer behavior 1 Aine Ni Choisdealbha
Eliciting consumers’ preferences for risk communication strategies: a discrete choice experiment Financial Decision Making 3 Madalina Radu
Persuading Buyers to Embrace Socially Responsible Acts: An Experimental Investigation Consumer behavior 1 Wang Yang
Higher spending, lower self-esteem: The effects of money spending and materialism on self-esteem Consumer behavior 1 Xinyuan Fu
One for All? – The Impact of Different Types of Energy Feedback and Goal Setting on Individuals’ Motivation to Conserve Energy Consumer Behavior 1 Jeroen Brandsma
Why Consumers Are Not Sovereign: The Socio-Economic Causes of Market Failure Consumer Behavior 1 John Tomer
The downside of being upbeat: Cognitive biases compel consumers to save less and borrow more Consumer behavior 2 Edda Claus
Regulatory focus, consumer values, and pro-environmental behaviors Consumer behavior 2 Filipe Coelho
Sequentially increasing and decreasing trends in data and relative judgment: Considering people’s interest in the target Consumer behavior 2 Masayo Noda
Do consumers think that purchasing bio-based products matter? The role of systems thinking and connectedness to nature Consumer behavior 3 Joana Wensing
How to buy less, but better? The influence of product lifetime labelling on purchase decisions Consumer behavior 3 Kathleen Jacobs
Psychological determinants of self-image congruity: a study of young consumers Consumer behavior 3 Kolanska Magdalena
Less is More or More is Less? Paper vs. digital in financial communication – an Experimental Study Consumer finance Dr. Eyal Lahav
Are credit-screening contracts designed for men? Consumer finance Irene Comeig
A Behavioral View of Financial Regulations and Management Consumer finance Shabnam Mousavi
Factors Influencing Young Adults’ Choices of Method of Payment for Smartphones Consumer finance Tommy Gärling
Collaborative hierarchy maintains cooperation in asymmetric games Cooperative behaviour 1 Alberto Antonioni
Absolute Scarcity and Cooperation Cooperative behaviour 1 Marion Ott
A Cross-Societal Comparison of Cooperative Dispositions and Norm Enforcement Cooperative behaviour 1 Till Weber
Are people intuitively good? – modeling reaction time in experimental game theory Cooperative behaviour 2 Jelena Grujic
Informing subjects about their relative benefits: An experiment on public goods Cooperative behaviour 2 Levent Neyse
Inducing cooperation – who is affected? Cooperative behaviour 2 Manja Gärtner
Cooperation under heterogeneous preferences with voting Cooperative behaviour 2 Sven Fischer
Theory-of-mind Ability and Cooperation Cooperative behaviour 3 Garret Ridinger
Heads I win, tails we loose. An experimental investigation on state-contingent trust and trustworthiness Cooperative behaviour 3 Marco Stimolo
Rules of the Game and Cooperative Behavior Cooperative behaviour 3 Selin Arslanoglu
A Useful Bias: the Role of Dominated Strategies in Coordination Games Coordination Atiyeh Yeganloo
Social status as a cue for tacit coordination in a repeated Battle-of-the-Sexes game Coordination Erik W. de Kwaadsteniet
The impact of role models on women’s self-selection in competitive environments” Coordination Kristina Meier
Inducing tax compliance by nudging: evidence from Big Italian Data Cultural differences Alessandro Santoro
Group decision-making under uncertainty: Understanding cross-cultural risk differences Cultural differences Do-Yeong Kim
Differences in Financial Risk Tolerance between White and Hispanic Households Cultural differences Patti J. Fisher
An economic ransomware tool for law enforcement Cyber Security Edward Cartwright
CyberDoSpeRT: Measuring Domain-Specific Cybersecurity Risks Using A Large Multi-National Dataset Cyber Security Ganna Pogrebna
Do email scammers respond to a potential victim’s age and gender? Cyber Security Stephen Lea
Assessing choice overload in a complex environment Decision Making 1 Chris Starmer
Does relative thinking exist in mixed compensation schemes? Decision Making 1 Ofer Azar
How does Consumer Vulnerability Relate to Positive and Negative Financial Outcomes? The Mediating and Moderating Role of Psychological Characteristics Decision Making 1 Simon McNair
Is there a ”true” consensus effect? Decision Making 2 Jana Willrodt
Self-Control Failures as Judged by Themselves Decision Making 2 Liam Delaney
The Effect of Cognitive Load on Economic Decisions Decision Making 2 Mosi Rosenboim
Warning messages framing and the effect on online security behavior Digital payments Nuria Rodriguez-Priego
Why do consumers turn away from cash? Multifunctionality and digital payment adoption Digital payments Rufina Gafeeva
Always top-up manually: Digital payment account settings and the accessible account effect Digital payments Rufina Gafeeva
Corrupt Collaboration: Finding a Partner in Crime Dishonesty 1 Margarita Leib
Organizational Ethics, Narratives and Social Dysfunctions Dishonesty 1 Steven Bosworth
The Good, the Bad, and the Angry: An experimental study on the heterogeneity of people’s (dis)honest behavior Dishonesty 1 Valerio Capraro
Losing a Real-Life Lottery and Dishonest Behavior Dishonesty 2 Gideon Yaniv & Erez Siniver
Malleable Lies: Communication and Cooperation in a High Stakes TV Game Show Dishonesty 2 Martijn J. van den Assem
Spin Doctors: Vague Messages in Disclosure Games Dishonesty 2 Marvin Deversi
The Trauma Hypothesis: Does Personality Change After Negative Life Events? Economic psychology 1 Alessandro Bucciol
The Effect of Social Norm and Formal Norm on Opportunistic Behavior Economic psychology 1 Carin Maribel Koetz
Fernweh – Conceptualizing the longing to travel the world Economic psychology 1 Corinna Michels
High Housing Price Promote Daughter Preference in China Economic psychology 1 Donghui Dou
The Role of Attitudes toward Debt for Financial Behaviors and Psychological Wellbeing Economic psychology 2 Caezilia Loibl
Assessing Financial Knowledge and Understanding: Scale Construction based on a UK representative sample Economic psychology 2 Rob Ranyard
“He that has plenty of goods shall have more.”? The interaction of group members’ social status with their actual trust, actual trustworthiness and the respective expectations. Economic psychology 2 Thomas Schlösser
How do fund managers in pension funds make decisions about investments? A critical incident study. Economic psychology 3 Sven Hemlin
Taxes, donations, and framing effects: An experimental study Economic psychology 3 Cinzia Castiglioni
Different nominal value presentations, individual numeracy differences and their consequences on money illusion: a use case of Bayesian statistical inference with MCMC sampling Economic psychology 3 Mariko Shimizu
Marketization and Trust Decline in China: An Interpretation from Homo Economicus Belief Economic psychology 3 Ziqiang Xin
Investigating the use of role models to improve attitudes to education among white ‘working-class’ boys Education Eliza Kozman
Micropolitical Leadership in a Taiwanese Primary School Emotions 1 Hsin-Jen Chen
Statistics and Behavioral Insights: Three Cases Education Reza Kheirandish
Exploring the Cross-Cultural Practice of Transnational Community in Taiwan Education Ya-Hsuan Wang
Integral fear increases search effort in more numerate people: An experimental study investigating information acquisition in a decision from experience task. Emotions 1 Jakub Traczyk
Time-Induced Stress Effect on Financial Decision Making in Real Markets: The Case of Traffic Congestion Emotions 1 Doron Kliger
Call to Claim your Prize: Perceived Benefits and Risk Drive Intention to Comply in a Mass Marketing Scam Emotions 1 Yaniv hanoch
The Merits of Happy Consumption: Positive Affect and Psychological Ownership Emotions 2 Carina Thürridl
Language usage and emotional persuasion: Facilitating acceptance of hydraulic fracturing through positive terminology Emotions 2 Robin Birdsong
Age Differences in Emotional Responses to Monetary Losses and Gains. Emotions 2 Wandi Bruine de Bruin
Does mental number line training work? A randomized control trial with active control condition investigating the effects of cognitive training on real life arithmetic, numeracy and decision making. Empirical economics Agata Sobkow
Does risk information really inform companies’ current investors? An experimental study. Empirical economics Bianca Quirantes Checon, Cláudio Soerger Zaro and Elise Soerger Zaro
Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control and the Long-Term Entrepreneurial Performance of Start-Ups Empirical economics Claudia Stier
Job Market Chances of Whistleblowers – Is There a Penalty for Whistleblowers on the Labor Market? Ethics Behnud Mir Djawadi
Willful Ignorance and Altruistic Punishment Ethics Robert Stüber
Field Experiments on Tipping in Restaurants and for Home Deliveries Ethics Merav Malcman
Increasing work performance and tax compliance through perceived fairness of different tax systems and potential underlying mechanisms Fairness József Pántya
Unequal Before the Law: Asymmetric Monitoring in a Public Goods Game with Centralized Punishment Fairness Nedim Okan
Implementing Fair Procedures? Fairness Stefan Trautmann
The effect of the resource’s value on the equity efficiency conflict – evidence from mouse tracking experiments Fairness Tom Gordon Hacker
(Im)probable win. Relationships among individual differences in temperament, intolerance of uncertainty, gambler’s beliefs and gambling engagement. Fast Track Angelika Olszewska
Personality Traits and Household Consumption Choices Fast Track Chiara Rapallini
Money illusion, financial literacy and numeracy: experimental evidence Fast Track Darriet Elisa
Financial Incentives Beat Social Norms: A Field Study on Retirement Information Search Fast Track Inka Eberhardt
Incentives and rank concerns in managerial tournaments Choice under risk 1 Julia Shvets
Consumer Behaviour Related to Food Safety Issues: a Segmentation Fast Track Madalina Radu
Intuitive (Dis)honesty – A Meta-Analysis Fast Track Nils Köbis
How does a machine learn to gamble responsibly? Fast Track Philip Newall
The effect of information disclosure on credit choices: Experimental evidence Financial decision making 1 Antonia Grohmann
Taxing Decisions… – the Interaction of Ethics and Law in Tax Decision Making Financial decision making 1 Barbara Summers
Self-employment performance mediates the effect of mental budgeting on tax compliance Financial decision making 1 Gerrit Antonides
Improving consumer credit decisions: How implementation intentions counteract misleading cues Financial decision making 1 Michael Blens
Evaluation of tempting credit offers: The role of time pressure and self-control Financial decision making 2 Cora Linnartz
Can visual nudge influence people’s financial decision making? Evidence from a discrete choice experiment Financial decision making 2 Hanjin Li
Homes under the hammer: The planning fallacy in televised property renovation Financial decision making 2 Peter Ayton & Matthew Webb
Decision making under debt situation: Debt account aversive behavior and the effects of interventions on debt management competency Financial decision making 3 Do-Yeong Kim
Does Households’ Wealth Predict the Efficiency of their Asset Mix? Empirical Evidence Financial decision making 3 Matthias Horn
Strengthening financial decision making in the field: Saving for a rainy day Financial decision making 4 Minou van der Werf
Lay estimates of ten-year rates of return on investment in New Zealand shares, real estate, and term deposits Financial decision making 4 Simon Kemp
Effects of Process and Outcome Accountability on Escalating Commitment: A Two-Study Replication Financial decision making 4 Stefan Schulz-Hardt
Consumers’ evaluation of 3D-printed food Food Carolin Kamrath
The dual process of persuasion regarding expiration dates and food waste Food Ewelina M. Marek
Episodic future interaction: How does it affect current food consumption? Food Michelle Segovia
Persuasive messages and attitude change towards genetically modified food Food Patrycja Sleboda
Gender gap in chess performance: Does economics have anything to do with it? Education Maryam Dilmaghani
Sexual Orientation and Intra-household Specialization before and after the Legal Recognition of Same-sex Marriage in Canada Happiness Maryam Dilmaghani
Inter-temporal Choice in Depressed Individuals: An Interdisciplinary Approach Happiness Eugen Iordanescu
​How success breeds success ​ Fast Track Ambroise Descamps
A Dynamic Model on Happiness and Exogenous Wealth Shock: The Case of Lottery Winners Happiness Guy barokas
Exercising More with a Matched Bet Incentives & Decision-Making Andrej Woerner
Economic and Psychological Incentives in Darts Incentives & Decision-Making Bouke Klein Teeselink
Relational job characteristics and the creativity of service employees Incentives & Decision-Making Filipe Coelho
Can Money Make You Clever? Performance at Intellectual Work Incentives & Decision-Making Julia Müller
Preferences for location: a study of evidence on Gary Becker’s theory of marriage Incentives & Decision-Making Charlotte D. Phelps
Using behavioral insights to incentivize cycling: results from a field experiment Lab-field experiments 2 Alice Ciccone
Follow the crowd: Social information and crowdfunding donations in a large field experiment Lab-field experiments 2 Claire van Teunenbroek & Rene Bekkers
Using Norms and Monetary Incentives to Change Behavior: A Field Experiment Lab-field experiments 1 Miguel A. Fonseca
The Effect of Housing Conditions on Preferences and Cognitive Function Lab-field experiments 2 Ondrej Krcal
The Effect of Housing Conditions on Social Preferences: Lab-in-the-Field Experiments with Participants of a Randomized Controlled Trial Lab-field experiments 2 Rostislav Stanek
Cheating in the lab Vs cheating in the field Lab-field experiments 1 Andrea Albertazzi
Diffusion of mobile banking among rural women: A field experiment Lab-field experiments 1 Jaromir Kovarik
The Effect of Codes of Conduct on Employee Behavior Labor Economics 1 Alina Elrich
The effect of photos and name change on discrimination against migrants in Austria Labor Economics 1 Doris Weichselbaumer
Flip or flop? (Un)happiness with the effort and reward Labor Economics 2 Natalia V Czap
Can multidisciplinary teams be trained to apply behavioural insights in different choice architecture projects? Practitioners Vera Rita de Mello
Who should (not) benefit from affirmative action? Labor Economics 2 Jana Willrodt
Money Illusion and Intentions in an Experimental Labour Market Labor Economics 2 Susanna Grundmann
Why labor supply is a substitute for saving and whether this explains precautionary behavior Labor Economics 3 Andreas Orland
Does Pro-Environmental Behaviour at Home Spillover at Work? An Empirical Analysis Labor Economics 3 Jonathan Spiteri
The Independent Women – Locus of Control and Female Labor Force Participation Labor Economics 3 Juliane Hennecke
Social Biking: Mobile App Network Interventions for Increasing Bike Use. Nudging 1 Antonios Proestakis
Personal Carbon Allowances: Can a budget label do the trick? Nudging 1 Ewelina M. Marek
Nudging the Poor and the Rich — A Field Study on the Distributional Effects of Green Electricity Defaults Nudging 1 Manuel Grieder
The relationship between motivation and responding to nudge: Case study of sending written letters that aim to increase the labor supply of people with disabilities Nudging 1 Ofir Y. Pinto
Green, yellow or red lemons ? An experiment on the perception of houses energy labels Nudging 2 Edouard Civel
Nudges and alternatives: accepting the nudge or the goal of the nudge? Nudging 2 William Hagman
Is it what you say or how you say it? Framing information on aid impact and its effect on donation behavior Nudging 2 Laura Metzger
Nudging consumers to engage in the energy market: trial results and next steps Policy Makers 1 Roger Tyers (Ofgem)
Influencing consumers and businesses to improve food safety in the UK Policy Makers 1 Vanna Aldin & Joanna Disson (Food Standards Agency)
Using choice architecture to encourage healthier food purchases Policy Makers 1 Natalie Gold (Public Health England)
Switching savings accounts – A field trial to encourage competition? Policy Makers 1 Paul Adams (Financial Conduct Authority)
Lessons from applying behavioural science at ONS Policy Makers 2 Helen Moore, Office for National Statistics
Integrating behavioural thinking: Behavioural insights at the FSA Policy Makers 2 Michelle Patel, Food Standards Agency
Applying behavioural science at DWP Policy Makers 2 Kayleigh Carr, Department of Work and Pensions
Behavioural insights and social research in government: history and current state of play Policy Makers 2 Tim Chadborn, Public Health England
Conducting a behavioural analysis: Behavioural tools applied to policy Policy Makers 2 Tim Chadborn, Public Health England
Values, attitudes and economic behavior Political economy Michael Roos
A war is forever: The long-run effects of early exposure to World War II on trust Political economy Pierluigi Conzo
Pulling for the team: Competition between political partisans Political economy Zahra Murad
Limited attention, the use of accounting information and its impacts on individual investment decision making Practitioners Bianca Checon, Lucas Barros and Altay de Souza
People-centric solutions for organizations: no behavioral intervention without behavioral measurement Practitioners Francisco Reyes
Time preferences and SMEs’ financial decisions: evidence from Brazilian merchants Practitioners Guilherme Moraes de Lima
The Thrill of Creative Effort at Work: An Empirical Study on Work, Creative Effort and Well being Practitioners Tal Shavit
Living in Your Parents’ Shadow: Intergenerational Transmission of Earnings Aspirations Psychology of money Cahal Moran
Individual differences in time perspectives and risky financial choices Psychology of money Joanna Rudzińska-Wojciechowska
Magical contagion, Blue Plaques and Property Prices. Psychology of money Peter Ayton & Matt Barson
Conservation adoption rates – A field experiment Public Goods Hans Czap
Responsibility and Voice in Public Goods Games with Peer Punishment. An Experimental Study. Public Goods Marco Faillo
Sending out an SMS: The impact of automatically enrolling consumers into overdraft alerts Public Goods Jeroen Nieboer
Violence & the Formation of Hopelessness in Colombia Rich and Poor Andres Moya
Enhancing Freedom of Choice and Social Welfare in a World of Bounded Rationality: Significance of Institutional Design, Free Choice and Capabilities Rich and Poor Morris Altman
Poor but Happy? Culture, Diligence and Wellbeing Rich and Poor Tobias Rötheli
How much to donate, and to whom? The effects of framing of charitable solicitations on moral judgment Social dilemmas 1 Avner Ben-Ner
Distributive Preferences and Effort Provision: What Determines What? Social dilemmas 1 Ibai Martínez-Macías
The Endowment Effect and Savings Decisions of the Poor Social dilemmas 1 Lisa Spantig
The Effect of Scarcity on In-Group Bias in Pro-Social and Moral Behavior Social dilemmas 1 Marco A Palma
Empathy, a sense of fairness and dyadic cooperation Social dilemmas 2 JIE-YU LV
How independence shapes individualism, cooperation, and the provision of public goods Social dilemmas 2 Jörg Gross
The Effect of Anchors and Peers on Redistribution Behaviour Social Dilemmas 2 Tanya O’Garra
Emotional responses and a trustor perception when the trustor reveals some trust or no trust in the game framed as a trust game or an investment game Social norms Anna Macko
Social norms of allocation in the non-monetary domain Social norms Hande Erkut
The Role of Dynasty Trap on Child Labor Magnitude Social norms Shirit Katav Herz
Attentional correlates of third-party punishment and compensation Social preferences Claudia Civai
Region, nation, and redistribution: Experimental evidence on social identity and policy preferences among Belgian local politicians Social preferences Colin R. Kuehnhanss
In-Group Favoritism vs. Social Efficiency Concerns Social preferences Deren Çağlayan
The Welfare Implications of Social Prferences Social preferences Ro’i Zultan
Search predicts and changes patience in intertemporal choice Time preferences 1 Eric Johnson
Present-Biased Generosity – Dynamic Inconsistency and Social Preferences in Effort Allocation Tasks Time preferences 1 Felix Kölle
Well-appreciated but (too) Difficult Pensions Choices? Insights from the Swedish Premium Pension System Time preferences 1 Monika Böhnke
Delayed decision resolution and risk-taking propensity: The role of affect and real waiting time Time preferences 1 Rafał Muda
The Endowment Effect in the Future: How Time Shapes Buying and Selling Prices Time preferences 2 Daniel Navarro-Martinez
Transmission of Time Preferences from Parents to Children: Evidence from Turkey Time preferences 2 Rabia Zeynep Yurdakul
Predicting Temporal Discounting through Psycholinguistic Dimensions of Time Orientation. Time preferences 2 Serena Iacobucci
Meta-Analysis of Estimation of Time Discounting of Rewards Time preferences 2 Taisuke Imai
Guilt Aversion and Trust: An Analysis of Heterogeneous Factors Trust 1 Elisabetta Leni
Does Trust in Government Foster Pro-Environmental Behaviour? Trust 1 Marie Briguglio
Blessed are the first: The long-term effect of birth order on trust Trust 1 Roberto Zotti
Does punishment improve international cooperation? Results from German and Russian online experiment Trust 1 Alexis Belanin
Impact of Wealth Distribution Systems on Individual Trust Trust 2 Jefferson Arapoc
The Great Divide. Social Capital under Good and Bad Governance Trust 2 Filippos Exadaktylos
Come Together: Trust, Sociability, and Individual Investors’ Financial Decisions Trust 2 Oscar Stålnacke
Fast-track session (Thursday 19th, 15:30-17:30). We do not have Poster session. Instead we have 8 papers for 2 hours. Each paper has 15 min. Please be careful about the time.

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