“I am extremely glad to celebrate this amazing conference at Middlesex University London and very pleased to welcome to all of you. Not only as President of SABE but also as former faculty of Middlesex University its an honour to host Elke Weber (Princeton), Colin Camerer (CalTech), Joe Herbert (Cambridge), Dave Rand (MIT), Peter Wakker (Erasmus) plus about 300 papers from researchers from international institutions –among them experimentalists, theorists and policy makers.

I want to thank to all the people who made it possible: Praveen Kujal, Ericka Rascon, Filippos Exadaktylos and Valerio Capraro (Department of Economics), Anna Kyprianou (Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean), Nicola Skinner (Events Coordinator, RKTO), Erik Hölzl (IAREP). Thanks also go to Álvaro Saco and Cecilia B. Garcia from El Alambre who designed and maintained the web”.

Pablo Brañas
President of SABE

“In my role as IAREP president, I am pleased to welcome all of you to this year’s conference!
Pablo Brañas Garza and his team have put together an outstanding program with excellent keynotes, a large variety of presentation topics and a charming social program.
We look forward to exciting insights from current research in behavioral economics and economic psychology”.

Erik Hölzl
President of IAREP

The twain did meet. We at Middlesex University are extremely excited to host the SABE-IAREP (multidisciplinary) conference which is probably the biggest gathering in the world for Economists and Psychologists. It is our pleasure to have esteemed guest speakers, all path breaking researchers in their own right, working on wide ranging topics such as the role of hormones on fnancial decision making (Joe Herbert, Cambridge), who is susceptible to fake news (David Rand , MIT), choice architecture (Elke Weber, Princeton), salience in game theory and economics (Colin Camerer, Caltech) to measuring ambiguity for all events (Peter Wakker, Erasmus). Besides these wonderful speakers we have over 300 researchers presenting cutting edge on research on wide ranging topics such as social dilemmas, political economy, cyber security, food, ethics, happiness, behavioural health economics to behavioural fnance. This conference is a testament to the convergence of disciplines and the broadening of social sciences to areas earlier unimagined. To the importance of research being topic oriented where researchers from different areas, methodologies and disciplines, and decision makers assemble to understand the nature of the human being. Thanks to all for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.

Praveen Kujal
HOD Economics Department