Economics is fundamentally related to our daily lives, from public policy, education and healthcare to banking and finance. Our Economics students graduate as self-motivated, ambitious learners, able to confidently navigate their future career paths.

Economics BA Honours

The BA Honours Economics degree offered at Middlesex University will provide you with a throughout understanding of Economics, and the role and significance it has within the society.

The examination and evaluation of micro and macroeconomic theories and principles will equip you with a firm foundation to assess economic policies and to make informed economic decisions in areas such as international trade and business. You will also learn a range of quantitative and computing methods which are highly applicable to evaluating performances and formulating strategies in economics, business and finance.

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Economics BSc Honours

The BSc Honours Economics degree is the most advanced, rigorous, and quantitative economics degree offered at Middlesex University. Through stimulating theories, quantitative methods and debates you will explore the key factors that influence economic forces and learn to apply knowledge to real world problems.

You will acquire both technical and analytical skills in addition to critical thinking necessary for future post-graduate studies. These skills are also well sort-after across many industries and sectors, such as Banking, Insurance, Investment companies, Power Industry, Public sector as well as cellular, airline, shipping companies to help with their pricing strategies.

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Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

  1. Quantitative Pathway
  2. Economics
  3. Business Economics Pathway
  4. Finance Pathway
  5. Behavioural & Experimental Pathway
  6. Development Pathway
  7. Industrial Pathway
  8. Banking Pathway